Your Eminence, Grace, Excellency, Dear Fathers, Sisters, Brothers,
We have concerns regarding the new National Education Policy that is being drafted by the Government. We are also much concerned about the type of patriotism and nationalism that is being propagated these days. It is time for us to be proactive and take steps to ensure that we instill in the mind of the youngsters in our institutions true constitutional and democratic values, so that they will understand, appreciate and uphold the correct constitutional and democratic values. This will be a positive way to defend the sovereignty and the secular, socialistic and democratic character of our country instead of only lamenting about the current situation. For that we are giving below (see also the attachment) a “MY INDIA PLEDGE” that could be used at the morning assembly, to be recited by all staff and students in our educational institutions. Let us thus begin to invest for the future and create in the minds of people true patriotism and nationalism so that those who propagates pseudo patriotism and nationalism will stand exposed.
With kind regards,
Fr. Joseph Manipadam SDB
Secretary, CBCI Office for Education and Culture
New Delhi
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